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Picture a childhood painted with the hues of North Queensland, the gentle rustle of palm leaves, and the occasional surprise visit from the prehistoric-looking Cassowaries and a trendy 70's A framed house as your playground. I'm Alison, and this is where my story begins, in a world filled with warmth and natural wonders.

My incredible parents, Dad—the carpenter, sailor, and adventurer, and Mom—the visionary artist-nurse, gifted me more than just a camera when I turned 7. They handed me the keys to a world where every moment was a snapshot of joy, starting with the local seagull community as my very first models.

As a teenager, my friends became willing participants in our spontaneous photoshoots, twirling amidst tropical gardens and capturing the pure, unfiltered joy that surrounded us. That's where I discovered my love for freezing these moments in time through the lens of a camera.

After a detour into the world of fashion design (turns out, it was the magic of photography that stole my heart), I spent 12 wonderful years managing and clicking away with Photo corporation of Australia in Cairns. But the call of the great outdoors was irresistible, leading me to start Alison Jones Photography. Here, surrounded by nature's beauty, I found a peaceful rhythm, connecting with amazing clients and capturing their memories in the most natural, tender way possible.

Over the last two decades, my lens has been on quite the adventure—documenting the Burketown bridge opening in the outback, feeling the pulse of the 'Feast of Tabernacles' in Israel, and telling visual stories in stunning locations like Canberra, Maleny, Daylesford, Thailand, PNG,The Torres Strait, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Gippsland.

So, here we are—ready for your unique story to unfold. I'm all about capturing the simple, genuine moments, where your joy and beauty shine naturally. Let's create timeless memories together, preserving your special moments with the gentle touch of my lens. Excited to be a part of your journey and capture the beauty that surrounds you!


Alison Jones

Alison Jones Photography, Cairns



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